We Don't Teach Physicians How To Code.
We Teach Them The Art Of Documentation.  

We Don't Teach Physicians 
How To Code.
We Teach Them The Art Of Documentation.

Is your healthcare system or ACO challenged in the transition to 
Value-Based HealthCare?

Successful Health and Wellness Solutions has the demonstrated competencies, proven strategies and tactics that your organization has been searching for to streamline the transition to value-based care!

successful health & wellness solutions
Provides a proven system to achieve
 results like...


Minutes decrease in time required by EMR per patient


Increase in risk score or more


Minutes decrease in time required by EMR per patient


Percent increase 
in risk score


CMS Quality Stars Achieved

Successful Health & Wellness Solutions offers unique training and tools to educate every member of your team and make it simple to identify and capture 95.5% of all Risk-Adjusting diagnoses at a glance, even for beginners.

We don't teach physicians how to CODE!  We teach them how to accurately Paint The Picture of their patients' burden of illness through concise, specific documentation.

The convergence of Clinical Decision-Making, Clinical Documentation, Risk Adjustment capture, Care Gap closure/reporting and coding/billing processes is vital to a healthy revenue cycle, and more important, to a Healthier, Happier Patient.

To that end, the patient-physician encounter and its Clinical Documentation are vitally important because they impact and drive everything downstream including Value-Based Care reimbursements.

Therefore, it makes sense that HealthCare Executives and Decision Makers would want to assist and support their frontline Agents-of-Change for Value-Based HealthCare - 
their Primary Care Physicians/Non Physician Providers.
Our expert, peer to peer consulting staff provides state-of-the-art physician education/training, innovative support tools, and in-depth, clinically focused audit services to optimize the processes described above. 

Our services and tools support, integrate, and streamline global HCC Risk-Adjustment capture of your patients in the physician office/clinic, hospital outpatient and hospital inpatient settings.

Allow your 
physicians more 
time for patient care while dramatically 
increasing the
accuracy and specificity of Documentation that supports HCC Risk-Adjustment Coding

What makes Successful Health & Wellness Solutions so EFFECTIVE?

  • Our Evidence-Based 'Quick HCC-RAF Recognition' tool makes it simple to identify the specific ICD-10 code associated with the Diagnosis to be keyed directly into any EHR
  • We believe Peer-to-Peer training is the best way to achieve greatest receptivity and retention of the Risk-Adjustment concepts and Documentation techniques
  • Our remote, in-depth clinical audits verify that clinicians are following recommended documentation guidelines and compliantly capturing HCC Risk-Adjustment Factors

If you’re a MACRA/MIPS provider, an ACO member, a Health System, or a Managed Care Plan, our expert team can provide a customized program, training, and support tools to improve your performance in value-based care.

Click to schedule a call today to discuss your organization’s specific needs, so we can recommend the best strategies and tactics
to optimize your quality and financial outcomes.

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